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Getting people to your Food Truck can be hard. Let us help you!

Whether you're serving up sizzling tacos, rolling out gourmet sushi, or crafting the fluffiest bao buns, Indi Local is designed to improve the visibility of your food truck and connect you with a hungry fanbase nearby.
Vanessa ordering from Steve and Kyri from Wilsons Street Food at Bite Club Towcester.png

Steve & Kyri from Wilson's Street Food,

Milton Keynes

Street food popularity is booming.

People are increasingly on the hunt for more authentic, in-person experiences and street food has become the star of the menu for many.


With Indi Local, there is finally a way to see when and where pop-ups are happening.

Indi Local will help you:

Get Discovered

Create a profile, share your schedule or "Go live now". Get your pop-ups on the map and in front of foodies actively looking for food trucks in their area.

Moo Hatch.png

Grow Your Customer Base

Turn new customers into loyal fans. Whether you know your regulars by name, or you're just starting out, we'll help you give them more reasons to come back!

Indi Local Favourites.png
Indi Local Favourites.png
Indi Local Favourites.png

Broadcast Promotions

Tempt foodies with offers or rewards, and notify them when you're nearby (we call this one the ice-cream man effect).

App Notification from The Wood Oven.png
App Notification from Jude's Kitchen.png
App Notification from Moo Hatch.png

Your tech partner for business growth

We're foodies ourselves, and the idea was born from a personal desire to find food trucks nearby.

With our experience in software development, and a hunger for change, we're on your side when it comes to scalable technology for your food truck business.

Indi Local Secure B2C Login
Indi Local Search Filters
Indi Local Multi-Vendor Events

Integrations to simplify your life

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Apple Maps.png
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It starts with the local community

Indi Local helps foodies find nearby food trucks, support local businesses, and feel more connected to small business owners. That's why it works better when we support each other.

Jessica Ly from Fashion Bake speaks about Indi Local

#indilocalfinds #indilocalnn #indilocalmk

Mr. T a.k.a Brooklyn Brownie Co. food truck owner, John Lashay from in Northampton knows what's up!

Ready to get your business in front of new customers?

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