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Privacy Policy


Effective Date: 16/05/2024 

Indi Local GDPR Registration Number: C1479873 

Welcome to Indi Local ( At Indi Local, we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data privacy laws.


By using our website and providing your personal information, you consent to the practices described in this Privacy Policy. Please take the time to read and understand this policy. If you do not agree with our practices, please do not use our website.  

Information we collect

General Users 

Everyday users can effortlessly utilize and navigate our services without any prerequisites. However, it's essential to note that access to our website is limited to individuals within the UK and EU.


To use certain features of our website, such as listing events or accessing personalised recommendations, we collect the following personal data from these channels: 

Facebook + Google Registration 

  • Your name 

  • Profile picture 

  • Email address 

Email Registration  

  • First and last name  

  • Email address  

  • Business name  

  • Business website  

  • Instagram handle  

  • Business type  



Event Listing  

When users list an event on our website, we collect the following event-specific data:  

  • Event name  

  • Location (including GPS location if consented)  

  • Date, start and end times.  

  • Event type (e.g., pop-up, festival, market, or others)   


Users are optionally invited to enter some personal information such as: Age range, Gender, Postcode.


We obtain user consent for data collection during the registration process. Users explicitly give consent for their event details to be collected and published on our website.  

How We Use Your Data

We collect and process user data for the following purposes:

  1. Event Promotion: To promote events on our website by displaying location pins on our map.  

  2. Third-Party Sharing: We share event details provided by users on third party websites, specifically Instagram, to promote events and showcase our website’s capabilities for locating events. 

  3. We do not share your data with any third-party advertising.

Data Security  

At Indi Local, we take the security of our customers' data and applications very seriously.


Physical Security

All Indi systems are located within Microsoft Azure, which provides robust physical, network, application, and operational security controls.


Azure's datacentres are physically secured with protections like on-premises security officers, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems. Azure facilities also have environmental protections against temperature, humidity, and electrical issues.


Network Security and Monitoring

Indi uses Azure Defender for the cloud. This provides DDoS protection, network segmentation controls, end-to-end encryption, VLAN isolation, and extensive monitoring and logging. Firewalls, virtual networks, access control policies, and forced tunnelling provide further robust defence-in-depth capabilities. 



All Indi data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit. This includes encryption for Azure Disk Storage, SQL databases, backup data, and virtual machine disks.

Encryption protects all Indi user data from unauthorized access.


Identity and Access Management

Indi uses Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory). Microsoft Entra ID provides advanced access policies allow granular control over account access, including delegation of user identity authentication to providers such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook.


Certifications and Compliance

Microsoft Azure is certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and major compliance standards like FedRAMP, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. Rigorous third-party audits validate Azure's security controls.

Data Retention  

We retain user data for as long as they maintain an account with us. Users can delete their account and associated data at any time through our [Account Deletion] page, or by contacting us at   

User Rights  

You have the following rights regarding your personal data:  

  • Access: You can access, update, or delete your personal information through the "My Account" page.  

  • Event Data: You can change, update, or delete event details.  

  • Data Deletion: You can delete your personal information through the “My Account” page. Alternatively, you can request the deletion of your personal information by emailing us at [your email address].  



We do not use cookies for tracking or advertising purposes. However, please note that Google Analytics may run on our website due to the website editor (Wix). You can manage your cookie preferences through your browser settings.  

Age Restriction  

While our website is accessible to users of all ages, certain events may involve age-restricted content or promote alcohol use. We expect all users to act responsibly and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations regarding age restrictions. 

Prohibited Activities  

Events listed on our website must adhere to legal and ethical standards. We prohibit the promotion or display of any illegal activities, including but not limited to:  

  • Solicitation of drugs  

  • Solicitation of sex or any other sexual activity  

  • Any activities that violate local, national, or international laws and regulations  

If you come across an event on our website that displays or promotes any of these illegal activities, we strongly encourage you to report it to us immediately. Please contact our email address at ( We will investigate all reports promptly and take appropriate action in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  

Third-Party Services


We use Azure B2C Authenticator for user verification. We also integrate with Google Calendar and Google Maps to display event details on our map. Additionally, we preview event hosts' Instagram accounts and other vendors' presence on our website. 

Contact Us 

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices or wish to exercise your data rights, please contact us at 

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