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Adding pop-ups to your Indi Local schedule using Google Calendar

Business users can integrate their Indi Local account with Google Calendar to make event creation easier.

In this article we will discuss how to connect your Indi Local account to Google Calendar and how to create and edit your pop-ups and events.

If you haven't got a Google Calendar account yet, you can create one first, here.

Connect your Indi Local Account to Google Calendar

If it's the first time integrating your account with Google Calendar, you can do so via your Account Settings providing you already have a Google email address.

First tap on your Account on the bottom navigation.

Indi Local Navigation bar with the Account icon highlighted

Go into My Settings.

Under the Google Calendar heading enter your Google Email Address. If you have multiple Google emails, this should be the account that you use for your business, it can be a personal or business Google account.

You should shortly receive an email from Google Calendar stating that our service account has given you access to manage events in your own calendar. Follow the link in the email to Add this calendar to your own account.

The Google Calendar app will open and a pop-up window will ask you to confirm you would like to add the calendar to your account, make sure you are logged into the correct Google account by checking in the top right hand corner:

Screenshot from Google Calendar highlighting which Account is selected

If so, click Add on the pop-up.

Google Calendar screenshot of adding your Indi Local Calendar to the Google Calendar app

Your new Indi Local Events calendar will now be added to your Google Calendar account. You will be able to see it in your Google Calendar mobile app or website and it will be titled "Indi Local Events - [Your Business Name]".

Screenshot of Google Calendar showing My calendars with the Indi Local calendar highlighted

Create pop-ups and events in Google Calendar

Unavailable features (for now)

Google Calendar FAQ

I have added an event in Google Calendar but I can't see it in the Indi Local App.

  1. Check you have added a start time, end time and address to the event

  2. Check you have added the event to the correct calendar and not another one.

  3. There may be a slight delay between Google Calendar and Indi Local, please wait up to 15 mins to see your event appear, or alternatively you can manually refresh your schedule in the app using the refresh button on the Schedule page.

Screenshot from Indi Local highlighting the Calendar refresh button on the Schedule page

I'm stuck. How can I get support?

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